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DAy 6: Lest we forget

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on November 11, 2009


Lets start this day with a moment to remember, will you take your moment?

It amazes me how many people actually don’t stop to take one. It is such a small gesture for such a great sacrifice.

So I am thankful for my Grandfathers contributions, those of  his friends and fellow soldiers. Those who lived to return home and to those who were left behind  buried in foreign lands.  To friends who have risked their lives for a better good, to men and women who continue to do so on this very day. I remain proud of these people who stand and believe in a  better place.


So each morning I wake up wondering when the bulb will burn out. It is hard to explain how amazing I feel about making this change but at the same time that little voice in the back whispers to me, what if you fail.  Now that doesn’t bother me much because up till a short time ago that voice was not a whisper but rather a loud yell that dominated everything I was.  It is nice to walk into the kitchen and see something yummy (like cake or whatever) and not give a damn it is there. It is the most amazing thing in the world. I can’t even explain.

I think weight loss is much like anything else when it comes to addiction. It is a mind over matter thing. Smoking is a hard thing to stop too (which I might mention I have done too) but it’s not about quitting, it’s about what YOU want. YOU make the decisions, YOU control  the situation. Turn the light bulb on and the rest is a jog uphill (steep as it may be).

Now I sound like a motivational speaker! It is just nice to be out from under the sludge. I will likely repeat this over and over again but its the best way I can describe the way I am feeling. Out of the sludge.

I have never been the happy bright and cheery girl on the inside, more the dark and twisty broken girl (to quote Grey’s Anatomy) but suddenly I feel like Mary frigging Poppins and I am OK with that. It is weird to the extreme!

Anyway yesterday was a nice day, I just had the 3 little ones home in the day and they play well together so it was not at all stressful. Let me be the first to say that a house full of children all fighting about stupid stuff can be very stressful!

I talked to yet another friend about this life plan of mine and she wants to take an Aqua fit class together which I think is great! So we start that tomorrow night given there’s room.

All the puzzle pieces are back in the box. It’s a really big puzzle but give me the time I will put me back together again.

Have a great day!


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