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Zac Efron and Rob Pattinson

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on June 8, 2009
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A silly little skit from a great on line show…….

Rob kicks Zac anyday of the week. Me loves me some Rob!


New Moon Trailer

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on June 5, 2009
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So just in case you live under a rock and have yet to see it I am posting the trailer for New Moon that premiered at the MTV awards the other night. Even if you have seen it 100 times I know you’ll still watch it again 🙂

Like the 30 something fangirl that I have become I am really looking forward to the next installment to the series. My question is what are we going to do when its all over? when all 4 are done will we be lost, with nothing to look forward to? I fear this is the case!

MTV Awards…..

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Ok so life has become insane and I have not had time to get on line to write anything.  I have had lots of entertaining things to write about too but its just to crazy around here……

Anyway as some of you may know Rob Pattinson won the best kiss award at the MTV awards last week (I refuse to accept he kissed KStew) well here is a video from an English internet show about it……