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Dumb things that we do.

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on May 1, 2009

OK so I perhaps should not share the following information with the public, but when I remembered it I just felt the need to share.

We are humans, an amazing not so perfect creation surviving on this spinning wondrous clump of earth. We are the most intelligent life form on the planet which at times is a frightening thought. This is my not so bright moment in life, well OK lets be honest, its one of those not so bright moments I have had in life……….

Have you ever suffered from a dry scalp? Well if you have you know that it will itch like a son of a bitch and drive you insane, if you haven’t then the description above covers it.

I have this problem in the winter months and as a 38 year old women know that I can get a great overpriced shampoo at Shoppers to take care of the problem. The big secret is keeping the bottle away from the kids who will pour $9 worth of it into their hands and rub it on their body because they assume its body wash…..even though you have told them 83 times it is not!

Anyway I was not always cursed with this problem, it was another one of those things that surfaced in my mid twenties. We lived in a rental house in Whitby and we only had one child at the time. I worked full time in Ajax and would travel on the bus to and from work. This itching started and would drive me insane the whole bus ride.  I am a picker by nature and so I just had to scratch at it. It’s what I do. It hurt so much.

Well one summer night I was at home questioning the vurtues of a homemade straight jacket and I suddenly had a great idea. ALll I needed to do was find a way to sooth my scalp and stop the flaking. With that I put down my rough sketches for the straight jacket and run up the 80 stairs to the top floor and the bathroom. Surely I had something in the house that could sooth my head. So I looked and looked and suddenly it hit me! Yes!!! Yes!!!! this will work, I know it will work!!!


………..and it did, oh I can still remember how good it felt, like finally finding that inner peace, in my mind the heavens lit up and the angels sang. You get the picture.  I was very pleased with myself and wondered why it took me so long to think of this great idea.  With my head all better I headed downstairs to start supper. It was then that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My head may feel better but man do I look like shit!


Oh well I will get a shower later right? yeah thats what I thought too. Serval hours later I am in the shower wash wash washing my hair. Eight shampoos later and my hair still feels gross. I have to work the next day so I decide that I need to seek the advice of a trained proffessional. Here is how the converaation goes……..

Lady Loo Loo: Hello thank you for calling Loo Loo’s hair studio, how can I help you?

Me:   Um yes I was wondering if you could help me, I think I may have done something very stupid

Lady Loo Loo:  What exactly have you done to yourself mam?

Me: Well my head itched alot and I wanted to make it feel better

Lady Loo Loo: (chuckling) Did you put baby oil in your hair dear?

Me: um, yeah I did

Lady Loo Loo: If it makes you feel better you are not the first one to do that.

Me: I have to work retail tommorrow and I look like a sewer rat covered in bacon fat.

Lady Loo Loo: Do you have any dish soap?

Me: yes

Lady Loo Loo: Well you need to wash it 3 times a day for about a week and it will be back to normal, its the only thing that will cut the grease.

Me: (small voice) oh

Lady Loo Loo: your scalp is going to hurt from all the washing, you should buy some medicated shampoo to stop this problem, its faster and easier than the baby oil.

………and thats what I had to do, it did take a week and I wore my hair in a bun everyday to work, I didn’t even need any hairspray that week!


baby oil,its not for your scalp.


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