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To further make a point……..

Posted in My Life thoughts,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 30, 2009

So I wrote bout stupid people who like to sue other people just because they can and then ironically a perfect example came along to present itself.

My youngest child was a worm hunting last night with our neighbours son. While examining the popcorn bucket that the worms were put in my child went to stand up and whacked his head off the corner brick of the house.  He received 4 stitches in his head for it.   I chalk this up to being a kid, and anyone who read yesterdays entry will already be thinking he is following in his mothers footsteps. Stuff happens right???

This is one of those opportunities the proffessional sue nut lives for. Its payday, my kid hurt himself and I’m gonna make some money off it!

Now admittedly with the markets the way they are it may actually be a better idea to sue everyone you know to build your portfolio ( portfolio meaning the mattress stuffed with money) than rely on your broker to make it for you (hence the mattress). Unfortunately for me I have this whole conscience and  karma thing that seems to hold me back from this great life plan.

SO that said I think I may have cleared the air of my opinions of the sue nut. I can now move onto a new topic when I next post……..

On a side note, should you be thinking of robbing me of my mattress to access my portfolio I will save you the trouble. We used said broker to make said money and now said portfolio sucks ass. I’d cash it out and stuff it in the mattress but it would cost more in gas to pick it up than its worth (that was mean)

Have a great day and tune in again for additional crazy ramblings……..


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