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Exclusive Images of Baby Nessie

I am happy to report that I have the first exclusive photo’s of Edward Cullen’s first born child.  Last month rumors circulated that an unknown women was pregnant when she married the beautiful shiny Volvo driver.  Much speculation was floating around as to the truth of the wedding pictures and some scoffed that it was clearly photo shopped.  In an impromptu interview the whore  lovely Mrs Cullen she told us of the whirlwind romance between her and her hubby and how the recent documentary Twilight has thrown them into the public eye.

After our talk she invited me to take a quick tour of their new cottage,  previously owned by the notorious Barbie.  No longer are the days of wild parties with Barbie and her cousin from Malibu by the poolside.  This home is now the quiet family retreat for Edward, Nessie and his new bride.


Edward was the attentive father as he fetched baby Nessie after her afternoon nap.


After bath time Edward enjoys a moment with his daughter while the country air drys her skin naturally.

So I am happy to report that things at the Cullen’s appear to be as normal as can be expected.  although Edward has found all the attention his family is receiving alittle overwhelming he feels that it was about time that the truth about vampires came out.  since the release of the documentary Twilight Edward has found a good friend in vampire Bill Compton**and they share a common ground in the cross species love interests. 

** Bill Compton is a vampire from the successful series TRUE BLOOD featured on HBO and in Canada The movie Network. It will be going into its second season in the fall of 2009.

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