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To further make a point……..

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So I wrote bout stupid people who like to sue other people just because they can and then ironically a perfect example came along to present itself.

My youngest child was a worm hunting last night with our neighbours son. While examining the popcorn bucket that the worms were put in my child went to stand up and whacked his head off the corner brick of the house.  He received 4 stitches in his head for it.   I chalk this up to being a kid, and anyone who read yesterdays entry will already be thinking he is following in his mothers footsteps. Stuff happens right???

This is one of those opportunities the proffessional sue nut lives for. Its payday, my kid hurt himself and I’m gonna make some money off it!

Now admittedly with the markets the way they are it may actually be a better idea to sue everyone you know to build your portfolio ( portfolio meaning the mattress stuffed with money) than rely on your broker to make it for you (hence the mattress). Unfortunately for me I have this whole conscience and  karma thing that seems to hold me back from this great life plan.

SO that said I think I may have cleared the air of my opinions of the sue nut. I can now move onto a new topic when I next post……..

On a side note, should you be thinking of robbing me of my mattress to access my portfolio I will save you the trouble. We used said broker to make said money and now said portfolio sucks ass. I’d cash it out and stuff it in the mattress but it would cost more in gas to pick it up than its worth (that was mean)

Have a great day and tune in again for additional crazy ramblings……..


Whats wrong with the world today?

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So you should be pre warned that this is going to be a piss and moan post about society.  Just another day in the life of the average middle class citizen!

So today I was talking to a friend about how people will sue you for any stupid reason. I once had a women in my life who I considered a “friend” but who I kept at arms length just because she was the “type” who would sue you given the opportunity. She was of the state of mind that it is nothing personal and that’s why we have insurance.  I call it looking for an easy payday at another persons  expense.

These people amaze me to no end but yet they are everywhere around us. Its like we have developed such a self centred society that they cannot see the world from any other angle but that of their own. We all know one, you could of given them a kidney to save their life but 3 years later when they trip on your driveway and stub their little toe its all about pain and suffering!

I can understand if someone has caused you wrong in a malace way or broken a law but when you go after them for the simple reason that you can then that bothers me.

I grew up playing in parks with huge towers and slide ropes 3 stories high that slid to the ground, you had to let go before you got to the end or you’d smack into the 4X4 pole at the end with your face. I did that and it hurts.  We swung the swings as high as we could to see if we could flip them right over without falling off the 10 feet to the ground. We spun around on that wheel thing with our head off the side as our friends whipped us to insane speeds then threw up under the see saw ( I’m English no teda tarders for me folks) and had headaches and dizzy spells for days to follow.   This was the life, this was the generation that knew that accidents happened, that sometimes shit just hits that fan (I did not put shit on fans as a child).This is how I wish today’s world could be.  When principals did not fear the possibility of having their livelihood stripped away from them because some drunk ass thought it was ok to slide down the tube upsidedown and backwards then choked on his vommit while stuck like Pooh bear.  Yes its time to sue someone.

Should I sue my mom for pain and suffering? She was a shit mom and I sure suffered from lack of sugar. WAIT!!! I should sue her for making me fat!! I mean if she had let me have candy as a child I would not be the sugar whore I am today right???? Quick, someone get me a good lawyers number!!

Sometimes things happen, no one meant for it to happen but it did, get over it!!   Don’t say I didn’t warn you:)

Stay tuned for additional updates later this week which will leave you feeling enlightened and at peace with the world. OK I lied its just me blabbing about how I wanna do RPazz on the kitchen table while the dog barks his head off and the neighbors peer over the fence……and other stuff like that.

Have a fab day xoxo

My Stupid TV problems

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Ok so this has been a bad week for me and I have not taken the time to write on here, but today I have thoughts to share, not too wise but thoughts never the less.

So I have issues with watching live tv. I PVR everything that I watch just so I can avoid commercials. This works well for me because I watch way to much tv to start with and cutting commercials saves me like 2 hours of time. Like I said I watch a lot of tv.  This week has been rather annoying for me though because my PVR is pissing me off and doing stuff to cause me distress.

So here is my breakdown on this weeks too much tv. 90210 90210 was new this week. I have a timer on my PVR to tape this show for me when it is a new eposode.  Did it tape it? NO IT DID NOT!!! I only know it is new because I caught the first 3 minutes of it and the end of some other PVR’d show.  Is it on again on some weird channel in the middle of the night , no it is not (however next weeks one is. what’s with that?)  And yes I know it is a lame show, and yes I am aware that I’m not “like” in highschool anymore, but like I don’t care! I watched the original so Im gonna watch this too.

fringeSo I was all excited to see MY TV BOYFRIEND on his show this week.

………..you can see by how old this tv update is that I have not had time to blog at all. Both the clunker and laptop went down and I was done done done.

Thank God for friends with great husbands who can fix things (mine sure cant) there may be a day once again that I can love my laptop agin with its wonderful quick loading ways. I miss the laptop.

So I leave you with this, half a journal entry that I made over a week ago and didn’t finish. I have a goal next week to get back ontop of all this. I try ya know!

Mr Messy

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Do you remember the Mr Men books when we were kids?  I sure do!


I think of them every morning when I go into my room to make the bed. 

This may seem like an odd thing to say but have have my reasons.  You see I married Mr Messy.  I know ,I know, I seem to have all the famous men in my life ( I’m not really married to RPazz) and all I do is criticize them but that’s whata gals gotta do ta make it through the day!

So I present you with the evidence on hand. This would be the master bedroom of my house.  This first picture shows my side of the bed. ( I should mention that those cables you see irritate me, I have issues)



and this would be the other side of the bed. (the cables suddenly seem less significant to my sanity)


So you can see the problem right?

 I mean what more can I possibly do for him?  This picture was taken the day after “the experiment”.  You see the laundry basket is usually in our closet, and his clothes are usually on the floor as they are in this photo.  I thought that I would place the actual basket on the spot he leaves his clothes each night to see if this would be enough of an incentive to insert them in for me.  I personally think he put them on the floor just to spite me (I know I would). This went on for about a week.

So I had to let it go, the basket is back in the closet and each morning a pile of clothes lay on the floor. Each morning I pick them up and walk the 4 feet over to the closet to put them in the basket.  I tried to leave them on the floor so that a mountain of laundry would form (plus he would run out of clothes as I only wash whats in the baskets) but then I realized that this could lead to a full nervous breakdown for me.

I knew this would not work as I did the same thing with clean laundry.

I color sort it, wash it, dry it, fold it, sort it out into persons piles and thats the end of it. All my kids (even the 6 year old) take their piles and put it away. My husbands pile grew and grew in a basket I placed on the nightstand, it was twice the height of the basket. I nearly went insane looking at it each day (this picture is taken about the middle of the pile height) but I left it alone.  I found a solution one weekend while at his parents house for dinner. I tattled on him. His mother tore him a new hole about being lazy. We went home that night and I got the silent treatment but it was worth it because guess who put his laundry away!   I think I should e mail this pictures over to her later today………….

Moral of the story ladies?

Sometimes a mother in law can be useful, and sometimes tattling can work in your favor rather than just giving you the usual headache.

Watch for the next segment regarding cereal, bowls and coathangers……

Exclusive Images of Baby Nessie

I am happy to report that I have the first exclusive photo’s of Edward Cullen’s first born child.  Last month rumors circulated that an unknown women was pregnant when she married the beautiful shiny Volvo driver.  Much speculation was floating around as to the truth of the wedding pictures and some scoffed that it was clearly photo shopped.  In an impromptu interview the whore  lovely Mrs Cullen she told us of the whirlwind romance between her and her hubby and how the recent documentary Twilight has thrown them into the public eye.

After our talk she invited me to take a quick tour of their new cottage,  previously owned by the notorious Barbie.  No longer are the days of wild parties with Barbie and her cousin from Malibu by the poolside.  This home is now the quiet family retreat for Edward, Nessie and his new bride.


Edward was the attentive father as he fetched baby Nessie after her afternoon nap.


After bath time Edward enjoys a moment with his daughter while the country air drys her skin naturally.

So I am happy to report that things at the Cullen’s appear to be as normal as can be expected.  although Edward has found all the attention his family is receiving alittle overwhelming he feels that it was about time that the truth about vampires came out.  since the release of the documentary Twilight Edward has found a good friend in vampire Bill Compton**and they share a common ground in the cross species love interests. 

** Bill Compton is a vampire from the successful series TRUE BLOOD featured on HBO and in Canada The movie Network. It will be going into its second season in the fall of 2009.

90210: Everyone’s lov’in the Rob

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So tonight I watched a new episode of 90210 that the PVR taped last night (yes, I watch 90210 don’t judge me!) and me oh my who did they mention? our boy Rob that’s who!  Not that it surprises me that much be it 90210 or L1E1W9 we all love us some Rob.  Still it gave me a little smile to see it happen.

That’s it for today people, I have nothing more for you! (but I gotta say, have you seen the naked frontal shot of RPazz from Little Ashes that’s floating around out there???   *THUD*