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Total Silence

Posted in My Life thoughts,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 11, 2009
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So this week has been rather different for me. I mean really different.

My day usually consists of a great deal of chatter. On a normal day I would be able to hear the following things around me all happening at once……. a TV playing either Barney or Sponge bob, the laptop music of some kids website, the desktop computer playing the music of a different kids site, girls playing house or Barbies, boys playing Lego or cars, the washing machine churning, the dryer spinning, the furnace blowing, the dishwasher groaning, the gunfire of an xbox  live game echoing down from my sons room, and the radio in the kitchen.

Now some may think that this is an exageration but others with more than one child will know that this is merely the truth. For me,a mother to three and a caregiver to an additional array of kids it is the reality of my life on a daily basis.

This week is different though, really different. Its like a spa day except it works out cheaper.  By the grace of God I have managed to get some day hours to myself, something that is long overdue for me.  At this very moment the only things I can hear are the click of the keys as I type and the furnace blowing.  Talk about a treat!  On Monday I sat on the sofa for an hour and just listened to the silence ( then I took the liberty of doing nothing for the next six hours just because I could) and now today I am doing the same thing. Well actually I am typing this but all the silence around me has me giddy with delight.

I sometimes wish I could just stay home and not have to work.  Not that staying home doesn’t entail work. Anyone with kids can testify that the cleaning,  laundry, kids homework assignments alone is a full time job. Its not all bon bons and daytime soaps like the commercials say ( and who would of thought that the tv could lie) To be honest I would likely go crazy with boredom and eat myself into a coma if that wish became true.  It’s just at times the world can seem like this giant weight on my shoulders, when that happens I wish I could just walk away from that weight and clear my mind but with my life that’s not an option.  I guess what I really need is more days like this one, days of total silence.  The reality is that it will likely be another year before I get one though.

So you may ask what is the point of writing all this down for me the reader? Well, you the reader, I guess I don’t really have a point to my ramblings today. If you are reading this and are still young then may I suggest that you really think about what you want out of life and make sure that you get it. Lost dreams are the worst kind to have.  If  you are older then maybe that last statement to the younger generation may be the point to this post. I am not going to take the time to think about that because I am planning on enjoying my six ( well really three because I have to go do hot lunch at the school today)hours of quiet.



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