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I had a dream……

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 6, 2009
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Once in awhile I get to have a great dream. I mean the kind of dream that leaves you smiling all day long no matter if the dog pukes, your husband gets laid off, the kids break the Royal Albert and the fish dies.

 I have had that dream and it was the best no sex dream I have ever had.  One reason is was great was because I had my kick ass body back from 1995 (yeah I know I should accept it is gone) and the other was that the beautiful Robert Pattinson was my co star. 

It was a very PG type dream, I met Rob at some function he was at trying to hide from the press and talked to him casually about all things not related to Twilight. I pretended that I didn’t know who he was and made no referance to the fuss about him.  We went with a group of people (who really have no importance) to a really nice restaurant that was quiet. We entered from the back door and were seated in the back corner.  He was pretty quiet and seemed like he was trying to remain inconspicious.  He seemed to relax when no one talked about Twilight or his status in the world.  He went over to the bar and was ordering a drink when he was spotted. He looked so sad, put on his best smile for the camera and laughed . He glanced briefly at our table and then exited the way we came in. The waiter came over and told us,” the gentleman offers his apologies for his abrupt departure and asks that you enjoy the remainder of you meal. The bill has already been taken care of”.  I remember thinking that it was so sad that he had to live like that.  Someone then commented that they couldn’t believe that I had remained so calm and collected around him. I laughed it off.

I woke up so happy that morning.  I may need to seek proffessional help soon.


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