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Eclipse: Fan made video

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 5, 2009
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Yeah I know I’m addicted………

I have to admit that although I am excited ( like a piglet at its mommas teet) to see New Moon it is really Eclipse I’m waiting for. I don’t need to explain my reasoning as most will already understand it without words. However for those who don’t it’s ALL ABOUT EDWARD!!!  New Moon will only be a tease for all us hot bothered fan-mas, just a shot glass of ice cold water on a hot day. Hopefully Eclipse will give us the big gulp that we really are wanting for.  I know it is crazy to love a fictional character, equally as crazy to love an unobtainable man 15 years younger than you.  However in my defence  I can state that today, UC and Moon (over at LTR ) didn’t post anything I wrote in the Crazy People Letters so I think I’m good to go.  So apart from the getting even older part of waiting for this film I am waiting in anticipation. Sweet ice cube cold anticipation………….


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