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Edward Cullen gets his drink on!








OK so after an hour passes I have managed to get some pictures off my camera and onto my clunker for you. 

So Monday night was TWILIGHT night around my house. Admittedly we have a Twilight night once a week but this one was alittle different because we had good friends and good food to go with it.  After much planning for the event (OK I made 4 phone calls the afternoon before) I sent out a quick text to pocket Edward to see if he was available to attend.  He text me back and said that he had no pressing appointments on a Monday night and was only planning to hang out in his designated spot on top of the fridge.  So I could count him in.  I had him come over early so he could help me mix up some drinks.  Having existed all these years he makes a great cocktail!










Edward told me that he will only use Bacardi  products with the Kitchen Aid blender so I rushed off to the local Price chopper to stock up. I don’t question Edward on anything, nor should you.  I was going to invite him along but I have a fear that someone I know may see me there and then rumors will spread about my sanity ( people think carrying a 9 inch Edward around is odd?? I know lots of people carrying around 9 inches of plastic in their purse……of course there’s takes batteries and doesn’t look like a vampire God)  Anyway I rushed home and Edward helped me find the perfect mix of citrus carbonated lemonade, ice, rum and mix. I really don’t know what I would do without him!edwardbaquardi

We finished up just in time for girls night.  The doorbell rung and Edward knew that it was time to get his drink on with the ladies!  Always the gentleman he laughed and smiled as everyone came in.  Pouring ice cold daquari’s and making jokes about the drinks being “ice cold like him”  ( too bad we couldn’t devour him like we did the drinks).

When we moved downstairs to watch the movie on the flat screen he politely excused himself. Pocket Edward, just like Rob has a hard time watching the movie. He told me it is even harder to watch on blue ray because everything is so clear, more so with his vampire eyes.  So he retired up stairs to his spot on the fridge. I did offer to let him sleep in the Country cottage as Barbie appears to be vacationing in the basement with 300 of her naked friends. He smiled crookedly at me and said that the fridge would be fine. Such a quality gentleman.

So we ate, we drank, we where merry.  I got alittle outta hand and perhaps rowdy with Pocket Edward out of sight.  My inner fangirl kept calling for his pants to disappear during the movie but alas it never happened. Wish that was in the extended version.  All and all a good night for me though I am tired today.

LIfe as we know it

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So it would seem that life as I know it is about to end.  It is with great sadness I report on the pending death of my laptop which is so sick it may possibly pass on to the other side rest its poor little hard drive. Only in my house could this happen, others can purchase things and have it last years but in Castle Blackmore this is not an option.  All electronics are required to be destroyed by children within a 3 year window (the laptop lasted a year and a half).  So it appears that I will be shopping for a new one in the future should the tax man bless us with some sort of refund (fingers crossed)

SO  tonight is TWILIGHT night! I am very happy about that because any excuse to gawk at Rob’s gorgous face leaves me all warm and tingly (hee hee) Another of my friends has been recruited over to the world of Bella and Edward and to celebrate we must pull ot the blue ray and watch it on the flatscreen (as Bella would say) Not that it has been away for long. I watched the film with the commentary on this weekend. Poor husband had to sit through it again. I did find it funny though, Rob sure loves to bash on himself!

So my group of Twigals are over tonight to drink blood red daquari’s, eat brie cheese, chili dip, other yum yums and whatever amazing dessert Z brings!  Its all good, can’t think of a better way to start off the week that’s for sure!

Its Friday!

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It is Friday! I am so happy to see the weekend arrive!  Not that I have anything great planned for the weekend other than the usual trip to the grocery store, kid to birthday party (thank God its not me hosting it! Back to back birthdays suck, Feb 24, March 19th and April 3) and the never ending job of searching for my house under all the dirt!  Sill its Friday and that alone is liberating enough.

Clearly I have nothing of importance to write today, no real witty stuff I feel the need to express to you.  I have a great thing to write about men but I need to wait to get my laptop back so I can add pictures. SO many ideas, such a shitty computer.  Whats a girl to do I ask?   oh yeah, buy a new computer and hide it away under the bed (or in a secret compartment behind the fridge) so that no one knows about it.  I would get on top of that but A. I have no money to buy said computer and B. My friend who could build said secret compartment got a new job and wouldn’t have time to do the job.

Anyway thats it for today.I suck, nothing good. Try back on MOnday and I will try to impress you with my wise witty worldly ways again!  Love the weekend!

Whats with the hate?

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1. I really miss my laptop.

2. I really hate the basement clunker cira 1990

Ok now that I have that out of the way and can move on to today’s topic of ramble. I have a limitted time frame to do this as a small boy is eyeing me in a stinky sort of way and I fear for my life should he not get to access Webkinz’s in the next 15 minutes (if there’s no post tomorrow send help!) 

To start with I thought for humors sake I would leave in all the mistakes that this stupid keyboard will create.  SOme keys are so looose you get a dozen of the letter and others stick cuz they are so hard. Did I mention I hate this computer 🙂

SO the big debate today is why are there people who have to hate on someone just because the have a passion for something?   When poking around on this and other blog sites it is easy to find someone complaining about the phunomonon (ok that ones on me) of Twilight and Rob Pattinson.  I guess if you are one of those people who have not found an attraction to the books or the characters then you may not understand. Hell I am one of those people and I still wonder what happened to my sanity.  I did not wake up one morning and think, ” Boy, I sure wish I could find a man 15 years younger than me who I can obsess over, buy action dolls of and smile at his face in a poster when doing laundry”  I am almost positive that no grown women woke up on any given day and thought this. If she did then she truly is a nutcase who should be committed! However I have it on good authority that there are tons of us out there. SOme hide it away from family and friends and like a dirty little secret. Others are semi out of the closet (like me) and people know about it. The last group are at one with it, these are the ones who take Pocket Edward to the grocery store and let him sit up front in the cart, let him know and enter the secret pin at the ATM while glaring at that teenager who is looking on longingly at her 6 inches of Edward joy.  Ok I have to admit that although I am on the crazy bus for Edward and all things Rob Pattinson I don’t think I will ever be able to commit myself this completely (because my family will lock me away) I have been unable to take my P.E out and about with me for fear of the looks I may recieve. I worry that this makes me a “weaker fan” but then I remember that I don’t want to eat jello at the crazy farm each day and that helps me get on with things.

SO I just accept it, I never asked for it, I do not understand the nature of the beast that lives within me. It just is what it is.

To sum it up in the words of a wise man. MIne it not to question what makes you hot. MIne is to take advantage of the fact that you are hot!

Thoughts? comments? opinions? Lets here it people!

One Week

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So this post should really have a great picture of Joshua Jackson to start it off, but as I mentioned yesterday I am working on the basement clunker circa 1990 and the thought of asking her to upload a picture frightens me deeply.  So alias we have no photo.

Last Friday night I went with a friend to see this great new film that Joshua Jackson stars in ONE WEEK.   It worked out great as we had the midnight Twilight DVD release thing to do and did this movie first. For me this is an absolutely brilliant night as I got to see both my favorite men at once (sorry honey). I’m sure there’s some sick twisted porn script hidden in the recesses of my mind for that one.

Last month we went to see Confessions of a shopaholic and when we purchased our tickets they gave us these little postcards advertising the upcoming film ONE WEEK. I was very excited about that. Then in the previews there was an interview with Josh about this film and also a preview. This made me giddy with delight. Promotional stuff for a movie with J.J! I have always believed that Joshua is an excellent actor. I don’t expect him to become the next Brad Pitt, nor do I think that given the chance it is something he would want for himself. Rather he is more the type of actor interested in participating in roles that he feels matter rather than what will pull in the big money.  I am a dedicated fan and so have all his work on DVD should anyone wish to borrow one. 

When I got home I told my husband about it ( he went to film school back when this computer was cutting edge technology) and he mumbled something about it being Canadian, which translates into crap that won’t get any recognition ( needless to say that he does not work in the Canadian film industry, or any other film industry for that matter). This bothers me. I know its true as I watched it happen with a show I watched years ago. They taped the same episode’s twice, one version was with the story in Canada and the other was filmed here but made to look like it was in the USA. Guess which one bombed?  How stupid is that!

So the  film ONE WEEK is another example of Joshua picking a role of substance.  As is the case with many of his films Josh plays the lead character (Ben Tyler) and 90% of movie is carried by him. Ben is a young Canadian man with cancer, he is engaged, he is a writer, he is an unsatisfied teacher, he is a man who is lost. Ben decides to ride a motorbike west across Canada for an adventure before receiving any sort of treatments.  The rest of the story follows him on his journey across our countries provinces while he evaluates his life dreams, values and beliefs.  It shows a great deal of scenery which is beautiful and makes the audience really appreciate the beauty of Canada.  I found myself thinking about the possibility of taking my own family off to see other parts of our land.  

 The story is narrated in parts which adds a whimsical charm to the story at times, be it a laugh , a tug at the heartstrings or even a tear. It is a beautifully balanced story of a man who seeks to find himself. 

I went into this experience expecting exactly what I got from Joshua Jackson. He always gives his all to his characters and his natural charm will always pull me in.  My only fear was that because the character of Ben had cancer he would die, or be very sick which in turn would upset me, make me cry and eventually would lead to a headache . My friends biggest fear was that Ben would die and she said she didn’t want to see him die, that would upset her. Yet we both went in knowing that could be the case.

So you wonder what happened? Well I can’t tell you that because then you would have no reason to go and see this film.As it is Canadian the only way it will be recognized is if people like us go see it and validate its worth.

What I can tell you is that I left the theatre thinking deeply about my own life and reflecting on the decisions that have lead me to today. That my friends is the power to make you think. No big budget full of  big booms, no hot sex or extreme sexual tension but yet it holds more power than any special effects explosives could. 

Take a risk on a Canadian film, support our industry, enjoy our landscape, savor a moment that makes you think. Seek out a theatre playing ONE WEEK .   You will waste $12.50 on anything else right? well invest it into this experience and don’t forget to let me know what you think of it!

Guess who’s back?

So my title leaves me humming Slim Shady “Guess who’s back? back again, guess who’s back tell a friend…..” OK some will get it and some won’t get it, depends if you like rap full of profanity. Ironically the PTA mom is down with all that.

OK so the computer made it back through the front door and after 10 minutes of “quality time” with my kids its totally screwed again. Gotta love kids, if it can be broken they will break it! So I am reduced to the dinosaur of a clunker in the basement. It moves remarkably slow, takes 10 minutes to load a new page and the monitor is going so the colors are all off.

This people is the dedication I offer to you the reader. I willwork on a total piece of shit in order to attempt to provide you with a simple smile, if lucky a little giggle. I love you all and you may reward me with comments or cheques in denominations over $100 🙂

So in my week of  baroness I had to rely on merely my blackberry for contact with the world. I have no idea how I ever functioned with my crappy little flip phone but I know that there is no going back for me now.  There was once a time long long ago in another universe when I did not have access to the Internet ( I also smoked, was childless, had no grey hair and weighed 1000lbs less) and now my day is not started until I have assessed my e mail and stopped into my favorate site for the Robsessed perverted stalker like type ( that would be over at letterstorob) how I would make it through the day without the wit and laughs I find there I do not know. Thanks Girls!

Anyway as much as I have to share with you all I have to cut this short, little people are demanding some food and I fear if I do not co operate they make seek vengence which in childspeak means it is time to break something. This would be bad because my pocket Edward is out and should his head be ripped off I will require medication to function for the rest of my years.

So this is it, I will return again tomorrow to share many of the thoughts I have had in my absence including my thoughts on the Twilight DVD, my review of Joshua Jackson’snew movie ONE WEEK,  why men totally suck and I am sure there will be some ramblings about my beautiful Rob too.  Don’t forget to tune in to the craziness!

This really does it for me!

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Ok so I have been missing in action for the last week. Some sort of computer virus floating around in my laptop and apparently I have no memory left (I wonder if the 3.84 million pictures of Spunk Ransom has anything to do with that?) Anyway I am back for now………. 


Ok so I have been a good girl and refrained from mentioning you know who for a few days now. This has shown a great deal of restraint for the inner fangirl in me is begging and screaming to speak his name. Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson. Opps! Apartently she got free and is going on a mad ranting and raving about this beautiful beautiful totally legal to do man.  I had her in closed confines until the picture above appeared on my monitor. What happened next you may ask? Well my brain shut down and had to reboot. In the famous words of my gals over at LTR there was a *POOF* and suddenly my panties evaporated into thin air (ya I went there).There was also a tune in my head playing on a loop over and over. That little voice of normality spoke up and said ‘LIKE YOUR A TOTAL PERVERT YA KNOW!” (that little voice’s image is that of a bubble gum popping girl in a catholic school uniform. Think what you will,  I know already! thearapy required but not had) then that other voice dressed in black pleather with a whip) says, “Oh man I’d like to tap that!”

Any way you look at it, if you are a Rob fan this picture is totally hot. Just saying!

Total Silence

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So this week has been rather different for me. I mean really different.

My day usually consists of a great deal of chatter. On a normal day I would be able to hear the following things around me all happening at once……. a TV playing either Barney or Sponge bob, the laptop music of some kids website, the desktop computer playing the music of a different kids site, girls playing house or Barbies, boys playing Lego or cars, the washing machine churning, the dryer spinning, the furnace blowing, the dishwasher groaning, the gunfire of an xbox  live game echoing down from my sons room, and the radio in the kitchen.

Now some may think that this is an exageration but others with more than one child will know that this is merely the truth. For me,a mother to three and a caregiver to an additional array of kids it is the reality of my life on a daily basis.

This week is different though, really different. Its like a spa day except it works out cheaper.  By the grace of God I have managed to get some day hours to myself, something that is long overdue for me.  At this very moment the only things I can hear are the click of the keys as I type and the furnace blowing.  Talk about a treat!  On Monday I sat on the sofa for an hour and just listened to the silence ( then I took the liberty of doing nothing for the next six hours just because I could) and now today I am doing the same thing. Well actually I am typing this but all the silence around me has me giddy with delight.

I sometimes wish I could just stay home and not have to work.  Not that staying home doesn’t entail work. Anyone with kids can testify that the cleaning,  laundry, kids homework assignments alone is a full time job. Its not all bon bons and daytime soaps like the commercials say ( and who would of thought that the tv could lie) To be honest I would likely go crazy with boredom and eat myself into a coma if that wish became true.  It’s just at times the world can seem like this giant weight on my shoulders, when that happens I wish I could just walk away from that weight and clear my mind but with my life that’s not an option.  I guess what I really need is more days like this one, days of total silence.  The reality is that it will likely be another year before I get one though.

So you may ask what is the point of writing all this down for me the reader? Well, you the reader, I guess I don’t really have a point to my ramblings today. If you are reading this and are still young then may I suggest that you really think about what you want out of life and make sure that you get it. Lost dreams are the worst kind to have.  If  you are older then maybe that last statement to the younger generation may be the point to this post. I am not going to take the time to think about that because I am planning on enjoying my six ( well really three because I have to go do hot lunch at the school today)hours of quiet.


Ever loose your luggage?

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Well as you are all well aware this blog has taken a turn to the robward and its frightening me (in sorta a perverted exciting way) So today I have decided to provide you with a few minute s of good clean humor.  I first saw this video over a year ago and for some reason each time I see it I find it funnier.  So hopefully it is new to you and offers up a few chuckles to brighten your day. Enjoy……….

WWII memoirs

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So last week I posted a letter my grandfather wrote while in Africa in WWII. It seemed to get some attention so I am going to post the second letter now I have finished typing it up. Odd mixture of topics on this blog I tell you! 

Letter from


Robert Frederick Avis

To his wife

Barbara Avis


~ Sicily Campaign ~



Private Robert Frederick Avis died on October 5th 1943. He left behind his wife Barbara Avis and his only son Robert Jack Avis of Southsea, Hampshire, England.

Private Avis was the son of James William and Louisa Mary Avis.


Remembered with honour at Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy

This has been typed and provided by Natasha Petra Blackmore (nee Avis) in memory of a grandfathers sacrifice.

Dedicated to James, T




éa and Kieran Blackmore in their great grandfathers memory.


Pte. Avis

B Company

H. R.O. West Kent Regiment


September 3rd 1943


My Dear Sweetheart

Today I have written an airgraph to you. I have sworn enough at you over that type of letter but I’m afraid that unless I use them you will be months before you hear from me.

I haven’t a lot of news to tell you, not a great deal is happening. We are in the usual training and things are running much as usual.

I told you I would send you a manuscript of this campaign but it only lasted three weeks for us and although we fought the cream of Jerry’s army it wouldn’t take long to tell.

The 18th being a crack down division were held in reserve and we honestly thought we would not be wanted. The Eighth Canadians and the Americans were going so well that they had covered over half of the island and then they met Jerry. Up to that time the only opposition had been Italian, and although one Italian division put up a darn fine show, on the whole they are inclined to prefer running. Jerry put a stop to the pace, the “ Herman Goering Regiment.” “Panzer Germaniums” and paratroops were mostly his troops here.( The “Goering” Regt. we fought in Africa and they have given us the name of “The devils with aces”)

Monty sent for us and we arrived on July 26th and by the 27th we were in the line.

The Canadians had taken a town to open the way for our advance but had been forced out by mortar fire. That night again they went in and the following day we moved up and through them. It was a terribly hot day and a long march. We passed a truck that had run through a mine and blown up, the grave of the driver was alongside. Jerry had given us a very good send off from our starting point. The Battalion were in a valley and just as we got on the road to advance five fighter bombers came over. They were on us before we knew it. I was laying in the middle of the road when the bombs arrived and got smothered in dirt and dust. Whether

~ 2 ~


anyone was injured I don’t know. He didn’t linger long and it was over in seconds. Part of our route was along a railway and Jerry was shelling a little to our front. Africa days all over again!

We passed through the town a little before dark. The Hun were now shelling it and very few houses were undamaged. Even then a few civilians were still cowering in their homes. At about 8pm we halted for a rest and by 10pm we were on our way again. At about 3am we were still trudging along, tired and hot. This is when Jerry opened up on us from a big hill on our immediate left. The battalion deployed and then we went in after them. They fought well and we didn’t get away scot-free. We did force them back to another hill about five hundred yards away. By this time it was growing light so we dug in on the hill we had taken and waited developments.

For the first hour or two of light things were fairly quiet. We lay and slept until the sun got too hot. It was then that the trouble started, snipers opened up from in front and it wasn’t comfortable. One company went forward and managed to coarse them away. Then came the biggest bugbear of them all; mortars.

He kept in on at intervals all day. I believe he was firing blind as he didn’t get as close as he usually manages. To get water we had to go forward, across the valley to a house. On the way to it a small ravine had to be crossed. Towards the evening I was on my way to fill six water bottles and had just crossed the ravine when I heard the old nightmare scream. I was on my face in an instant, the bomb landed smack in the middle of the ravine less than five yards from me. My helmet was near as dammit to resting on my feet. I needn’t tell you that after getting the water my feet grew wings and I certainly shifted on my way back. At about 11pm that night (August 2nd) the B battalion moved up to take a queen shaped feature about two miles away. We have learned much in action, the column moved forward in perfect quietness, moving along side the side of a hill with the road about forty yards to our left. The dangerous piece of the journey (rounding the hill on the road) had been accomplished and we were within half a mile of our objective. It was then that Jerry shelled that road like the devil. He was thirty minutes too late, that much sooner and he would have had the whole company. Suddenly the columns stopped, down we went, a German patrol passing very close to us. We lay very still and they passed on, back into their own lines. On we go again, right to the base of the hill, then the attack goes in, singing, shouting, kicking up all the row we could. Jerry must of thought that we had at least a battalion. He fired one or two odd shots and then beat

~ 3 ~

it. It wasn’t long before the dawn broke but we couldn’t dig in as the hill was solid rock. The snipers started once more and again the usual mortar fire. To our left was a deep valley and a battalion of Canadians were moving through it. The Hun spotted them and began to shell and then they also ran into snipers. We had a grandstand view of the whole battle. We could see Jerry but he was too far way for us to help them. He didn’t hold them for long, they made a good job of it and were soon on their way again. We didn’t know where they were off to, their little war didn’t greatly interest us at that moment.

Our divisional objective was Centuripe, another of our brigades was waiting to move forward to take it. Jerry was still in the hills in front and had to be cleared off before the town could be attacked. The A Company had gone forward but were pinned down, the A battalion with C battalion were going forward on our right. Orders came through for our company to proceed through the A company and take the last hill on our side. It was a sticky proposition. A barrage was being laid down by the 25 pounders and we had to advance with our own shells whistling only yards above our heads. The engagement was short and sharp and in an hour it was all over. We had our first sight of the town, try to imagine a range of hills twice as high as Porthsdown Hill. A tremendous valley, then another range equally as high. Right on the top was Centuripe, a more natural fortress would be very hard to imagine. Bombers had been pounding it for several days, not just one raid a day. Often only hours separated the attacks and at least twelve heavy bombers were employed each time. It still amazes me how that town was taken, but taken it was though and the other brigade moved up and past us and we were at last able to take a rest. Not being able to cook anything we had accumulated a small stove and we had tea about eight times a day! After this we caught up on our sleep.

This was on the third, and on the evening of the fifth we were on our way again. We passed through a part of the town. People in England think that they have been blitzed, they should see that and other towns we have passed through then maybe they’d know what `blitzed`really means.

I have seen worse since that but at that time it shook me. Streets upon streets of houses blown to hell, people moving back to try and find a little of their property, the awful stench of death. Why the people didn’t hate us I do not know. They didn’t though, they lined the road in the darkness and watched us pass, quite friendly and probably glad that they at least had come to the end of their short war.

~ 4 ~

On we went, making for a river and a conspicuous area a little to the other side. As we approached we heard a bulldozer a little to our front making a way across the river for the tanks. Jerry might have thought that it was tanks and opened up with his guns and for half an hour we had all we could do just to keep going. The battalion got cut up a bit but we got through. All the next day we laid up in an orange grove and in the evening we were off again to take the most important town “Adrane”. The A battalion were going forward to take the heights and the B battalion were covering our flanks. The barrage was already started when we left and by the time we approached our objective hundreds of shells had landed. Try to picture over a hundred guns firing for over three hours and you’ll have a little idea. The din was terrific, once again we were right of our own barrage, several vickin to our left had opened up, the noise was deafening. The A battalion success signal went up and then the guns really opened up for us to go in. It would be impossible to even try to describe it, much less could you imagine it. The air was full of screaming shells and the explosions never ceased. We were then on our way. Once again Jerry had flown and we didn’t wonder at it. It would have needed a superman to have lived through that lot. We moved on through the main street, bodies laid here and there but most of the people had gone some days previous and I believe the actual civilian death roll was very light. Patrols were sent out and before dawn we had made sure that no Jerry’s remained in the town. The platoons were then billoted in houses and for the first time since I left home I slept on a bed. All that day transport and guns moved up and for a change we could just sit in comfort and watch them pass. Two days we rested here and then we moved off to our last and worst attack.

Lorries bought us about ten miles to the starting point and the battalion moved into fields on the side of the road. We were about a mile behind a town that another battalion had taken that morning and although the Hun was reported clear of the town and surrounding heights, he was shelling as hard as he could. Shells were falling on the road to our front, at the rear of us and on the town. It was a pretty warm time and I wasn’t sorry when the order came to “get on the road”. It took us a terribly long time to get through the town, the streets were piled high with rubble and troops were still searching the buildings. At last we got through and into the country beyond. We had started along a track but dawn was very near and the C.O decided to take us back a little way behind a great mess of lava. We were now getting quite close to Etra and most of the country here was lava, great barren masses that stretched for miles. We dug in and got ready to try and sleep a little when the A company’s guns opened up. An attack was coming in.

~ 5 ~

The ridge was lined and Jerry soon had dead to contend with, quite a few prisoners came in and the rest withdrew. The B battalion in the meantime had attacked the hill a little further on but had got pinned down. We could hear Jerry’s six barrelled mortars pounding away at them. He opened up at us too, but we weren’t there long. We were on our way up to give the B a hand. We got through a concentration of mortars at the foot of the hill and there we rested and got ready. Mortars were still falling about us and then, for the first time against us, he used oil bombs. They are big things, stand higher than a rifle and go up in a terrific blast of flame. He didn’t use many and we were more than thankful for that. At 5pm the attack started, we had the left flank and didn’t get very far. I had only travelled about two yards when a heavy concentration of mortars came down. I tried to crawl forward and machine gun bullets kicked dirt into my face. I wasn’t alone, about five of us were pinned down in the small space. Shrapnel was flying in all directions, it wasn’t a bit healthy and we decided to try to get forward again. I got on one knee ready to make a run for it and my riffle was shot out of my hand. The woodwork was splintered to the devil and I remained were I was. Darkness was coming in, a sergeant was calling for the company and we got back to where he was and found most of the company there. They, like us, had been pinned down, we had done our job though. The other three companies had taken the hill whilst we had engaged Jerry’s main strength. We had casualties, they were remarkably light for the type of action though. We rejoined the battalion on the hill and my platoon, as usual, were posted to a rocky formation right to the front of the battalion. We dug in best we could and sat back to hold on tight. All day long he mortared, he caught sight of a platoon of the B battalion coming close to our position and hell was let loose. Just before that happened a small bag of mail had arrived and in it was 200 cigarettes from Emmy, how we blessed her in the hour that followed as there had been not a cigarette in the whole platoon. They were soon shared around and puffs of smoke issued from each slit trench as the bombs fell closer. He inflicted causalities on B battalion but luckily he never got any of us, in the old slit trench again. That night I was told that six from the platoon were going back for forty hours rest and I was among them. Needless to say I was delighted. I enjoyed that rest, it lasted three days, not two and when I rejoined the battalion the scrapping was over. Jerry was out of Sicily.

Well darling, that is all, hope you have enjoyed reading this and you have managed to get this far without getting bored to tears, I send all of my love.



This letter was typed from the original handwritten copy and so some words were hard to make out. Any words that I felt uncertain about I have put in italics.

On further research I found the following information on italic words.


CenturipeLatin: Centuripae[1]; Sicilian: Centorbi) is a town in the province of Enna (Sicily, southern Italy). The city is located 61 km from Enna, in the hill country between the Rivers Dittaìno and Salso.



Mediterranean East Intelligence Centre

: Also a town in Sicily


, gathered information in WW11


from volcanoes




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